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"Personally, I like Physics very much.  I have a deeper understanding of Science after participating the ICAS Science Subject assessment.  I hope I can be the researcher or scientist to contribute to the society in future."

Student Siu Ting SIN

"The price of ICAS is affordable and it comes from the University of New Wales, Australia.  Thus, it has a certain authority and prestige."

Mrs. SIN

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"ICAS has taught me a lot of extracurricular knowledge that I can't learn from school.  For example, there is an article ear structure in ICAS English paper."

Student Wai Tsun CHEUNG

"The knowledge in school is very limited. ICAS enables children to learn extracurricular knowledge outside classroom.  Comparing to other competitions, its diagnostic report reflects the children's strength, weaknesses and their performance."


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"It has the picture with each question in ICAS, the pictures can guide me to answer the questions.  The ICAS certificate can be the reference to help me for secondary school application."

Student Aaron Ca Chun CHAN

"ICAS is more diversified comparing to other singular competitions.  Questions are direct, and children can finish the questions without any pressure."


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"My favourite subject is English, ICAS has strengthened my confidence in English.  I found that I have capability in English."

Student Tsun Hong KWOK

"The price for ICAS is value-for-money, I felt very ease as it has held in the school.  Principals and teachers have also mentioned ICAS in the open days and seminars in secondary schools.  ICAS has certain degree of recognition."


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