Reach Assessments is a set of Assessment Suite to provide you with rich statistic data and reports to support the development of your students.


Reach Assessments are no longer available in 2020 due to the current situation and difficulties schools are facing

Reach Assessments will return in 2021, with rich statistic data and report for schools.



Reach Assessments are annual progression assessments which

provide an external, objective benchmark of learner progress.

Are you a current ICAS customer? Find out how REACH and ICAS are different here.

What it is

The series is a comprehensive set of assessments, for primary and secondary students.

Reach Assessments provide knowledge to educators and are a powerful diagnostic tool for future planning. The assessments are based on the curricula for the relevant year. Items range from recall and routine application, through to more demanding questions.

This series is available in both online and paper format.

Central to this series is an online reporting system, which uses a progression scale for each subject.


Provide objective ranking of performance

Low-stakes, low-stress, learner focused assessment

Provides timely, objective information about learning for all students

Choice of both online and paper formats

Comprehensive online reporting 


  • Reach Digital Technologies
  • Reach Science
  • Reach Spelling (Reach Spelling Online: LockDown Browser and earphones required)
  • Reach Writing* (Reach Writing Online: LockDown Browser required)
  • Reach English
  • Reach Mathematics

*Reach Writing is not available online for Papers A and B

Please note: not all Reach subjects are offered across all year levels in all regions.  

Year level equivalence table

Subject Frameworks

Subject Guides